Exploding Head Man
A Planète rebelle/Wired on Words

“a musical-score lament for a movie that never was; a movie starring a new breed of fearless poets/magicians doing their best version of Kerouac's rediscovered yelp: EE-Yah!”
National Post

"Even without instrumentation, the poetry of Exploding Head Man-heady, impassioned, sometimes hallucinogenic stuff that regularly makes nods to the Beat work he grew up on-has sonic power. Dreamy words soothe, lusty sentences steam, and with a delivery that's often more gentle that the imagery it yields (even at its most volatile, Ferrier's vocalizations, with their warm, cushiony and almost child-like diction, scream pseudo-innocence) his spoken word is a complex song in and of itself."
Montreal Gazette


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1 Juliet is Drowning
2 Hear your child call
3 Tango
4 Where Will I Ever Find You
5 Letters from the Ice Age
6 Exploding Head Man
7 This Fire
8 Courtship
9 Too Fast and Liquid to Hold On
10 Vibrato Jam
11 I am the one
12 Jericho
13 The crowd shouts
14 Gasoline
15 Am Become Fire
16 Storm Variations
17 Hey You Old Man