What Is This Place?
BB 1989-2


ENHANCED CD: includes bonus video "This Fire"

"What Is This Place" is one of the most emotional and incredible things I have heard in the last three years or more. It moves me to tears." - Kinnie Starr

Musical backing from some of the key figures in the Montreal jazz and avant garde underground; Nicolas Caloia, Bryan Highbloom, Jon Stein, Kris Mah, Doug Stein, Normand Guilbeault, Jean Derome, Pierre Tanguay, Sam Shalabi, Andre Asselin, Jay Scodnick, Gordon Krieger, and the all-female Diviners


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1. What is this Place
2. Turn Back the Moment
3. Fire Hot are the Deserts of Men
4. The Nights are Bright
5. Beverly’s Song (Blue Train Song)
6. Blue Train Story
7. No Blue Guitar
8. Giacometti
9. This Fire
10. Letters at l’X
11. Alphabet Song
12. Tequila
13. Emma’s Country